Stupid for my sexy red long nails

Stupid for my sexy red long nails
8:33 Minuten
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31.10.2019 - 23:06 Uhr
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You're crazy about my extremely long, bright red painted sexy nails, right? Imagine only what I could do all with them! Offer me your nipples so I can twirl them. Perhaps I prefer to bondage you and then I scratch with my sexy nails all over your body! Sure you imagine that you can lick and worship my red claws! No, I certainly will not touch your losertail! For that I grab you to your balls and ram you my sharp, long claws into the flesh! The only way for you that I touch your cock, I will include you in a chastity belt and take all the keys at me .... haha ​​

Think about it little slave! Apply now as my Chastityslave!

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