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My new English Findom Membersite!

Already, as I was youthful, I felt in me the tendency to dominate. It was always an easy game for me, to get it all. All men, regardless of money and stand, were for me only walking wallets and ATM´s. It is for me, on the other hand pacification of my senses and fantasies, otherwise it makes me horny. The feeling, that everything is offered to me: luxury, money, real estate .... and a Person is worshipping and pampering me and allow these things through his work, or position, dissolves for me pure excitement.​


A generous gift, a cash-and-go meeting, a luxury holiday ... my excitement increases to the same extent as the favor of my payer.​


It is a bond - giving and taking. You give me my financial pacification with respect and submissive attitude. Your reward is to finance my luxury life and my attention!


​At the end: I own your house, your credit card, your money.... everything! You are warned of what will happened. However, there is no other way for you: working for your Goodess Nora and make sacrifices.




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